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    if you ask me why DS9 is best Star Trek, i’ll probably say “amazing acting, writing and character development, uncommonly dark tone, station as a home/Wild West allegory instead of HERE WE GO IN A SPACESHIP TO sAVE THE DAY, tons of antagonist development AS WELL as protags, linear/continuing storyline, wonderful diverse ensemble cast and actual queer characters”

    but I’ll really be thinking “Worf in the baseball game episode.”

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  • For some reason I thought a good way to take a break from the 3rd Outlander book would be to finally read part 2 of Castling
    That was not the right decision; I am now emotionally compromised over twice as many characters

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    Happiest puppies in the world

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  • Why didn’t Charlie try to close the door from the outside
    It’s a big station, they would’ve had enough time to get out before it flooded all the way
    I guess it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy or something but THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT

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    Half Acre | Montmaray

    and folded in this scrap of paper
    is a land i grew up in

    It’s kind of difficult to read about European history on Wikipedia on my phone
    This is a problem

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    Favourite Trek Episodes: Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

    "Walk with the Prophets brother Benny! Write the words that will lead us out of the darkness and onto the path of righteousness”

    Recent Reading, July 26-August 26

    Holy crap, not until I typed that did I realize it’s been a month since I left the U.S.

    Well, I read ten books this month, not counting The Fellowship of the Ring, since I’m doing the whole trilogy and treating it like one book as the author apparently intended.  I’ve got loads of unread books on my kindle, plus a big pile of fantasy/sci-fi novels on my laptop, and this here is a selection of them.  I put some notes about genre and content and my opinions in the captions.  All of the books were quite good, and I’d recommend them to anyone who likes nice things.  A Stranger to Command didn’t quite live up to Crown Duel (as if anything ever could) but even so, I loved the way the book depicted the process of adjusting to living in another culture.  I had been in the middle of Outlander for almost two years and decided to finally finish it.  I don’t think it’ll ever be my favorite book, but by the end it had won me over enough that I’m looking forward to trying out Dragonfly in Amber, the sequel.  (And, eventually, watching the new TV series!)  I had never even heard of Jaran before, which is a shame, because it was lovely.  More fantasy adventure stories should be set in outer space, and more protagonists should be linguists.  I’ve read a lot of Diana Wynne Jones’s more famous works, so it’s interesting now to read some of her earliest novels, as Witch’s Business and The Ogre Downstairs were her first two books.  Both were a lot of fun, and the latter was quite hilarious at times, and even heartwarming.

    If you’ve read any of these books and want to talk to me about them, send me a message!

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    And here is what we call a textbook defintion of puppydog eyes.

    it winked are you joking

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